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Borówkowy Raj

About us

A family company, founded in 1989 by Grzegorz Maliszewski

The “Blueberry Paradise” plantation has gained the trust of many customers. Our tradition dates back to 1989, from generation to generation we pass on the accumulated knowledge and experience in the cultivation of blueberries. For many years our blueberry plants and berries have been of great interest both in Poland and abroad. In the continuous offer we have about 40,000 of blueberry bushes of different varieties. Over the years, we have made ourselves felt as an experienced and reliable supplier of fruit and seedlings.

We provide our customers with healthy, fresh and juicy fruits, as well as beautiful and fertile shrubs.

In order to meet your expectations, we care about the quality of the plants and take care of them so that they enjoy the sufficient productivity. Our plantation on 20 hectares is constantly expanding. The Blueberry Paradise is located in a cozy place, on the picturesque landscape of the Baltic Sea, in 5 kilometers from the sea (north of the Helm mountain). This area is surrounded by forests and bays, is far from industrial areas and is characterized by excellent conditions for cultivation. Thanks to this plants are environmentally friendly, and the fruits are healthy and very tasty.

There is also a children's greenhouse in our farm in which high-blueberry bushes are grown in a vegetative way of the best class of nurseries. We provide healthy and strong plants that quickly enter the fruit-bearing period.

We invite to cooperation large and small companies, as well as manufacturers, horticultural wholesalers and all others interested in purchasing seedlings or fresh fruits. Customers who buy at our place can rely on professional help, based on our many years of experience, as well as advice on the creation and activity continuation of the plantation.