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In Poland, this variety ripens first - in early July.

The bushes are rather high (up to 160 cm) and have strong sprouts. The fruits are large or medium, have a tender flesh and are full of fragrant sweet taste. Earliblue is resistant to frost, so we recommend it to grow in colder regions.

This is a variety that regularly produces good and rich harvests, strong and resistant to frost.

We can enjoy its taste in the first half of July. The bushes reach even 180 cm in height. The fruits are sweet, large, light blue and slightly flattened. Blueberry Duke has good taste after cooling. It is recommended, in particular, for market-grade plantations.

The first Spartan Blueberry appears in the second half of July.

The fruits are very sweet and juicy. Despite the fact that the variety is not very fertile, it gives high quality fruits that are well tolerated by mechanical harvesting, transportation and storage.

A variety that produces extremely abundant fruits.

Very large, juicy and slightly flattened fruits appear at the end of July. The bushes reach 120 cm in height, but grow very quickly and require pruning.

A variety that produces large, delicious and very long lasting fruits with a sweet wine taste.

The blueberries are resistant to cracks, they can be stored in refrigerated condition for several weeks. The bushes are high (up to 200 cm), spreading and give fruit at the end of July. The fruits can be collected mechanically.

This variety of blueberry not only provides sweet and large fruits, but also is quite resistant to difficult atmospheric conditions.

It is well tolerated by frost. The bushes are strong and high (up to 200 cm), and the fruits are of good quality, rich in valuable vitamins. However, growing in the early stages of growth can be troublesome, as bushes tend to liying down.

One of the most fertile and simple in cultivating varieties.

We enjoy the taste of this blueberry at the end of July - in early August. The bushes are high (up to 200 cm), and the fruit is sweet, round with a characteristic white coating. Strong variety, resistant to frost, diseases and water shortages, therefore, it is especially recommended for growing on a plantation. It is very abundant - you can collect 4 - 9 kg of blueberries from one bush.

A variety that brings plenty of fruits which you can taste in the first half of August.

The blueberry is very large, spherical, slightly sour, rich in vitamins and nutrients. Loose bunches make harvesting easier. The bushes are spreading and high (up to 200 cm), so they require pruning. Due to the low resistance to frost, we recommend planting this variety in places that are well accessible to sunlight.

A variety equal to the size of the Chandler fruit.

Fruits are very large, with a small stem scar, with a light blue color. The variety is fruitful: up to 6 kg from the bush. Ripening time: falls to the second half of July. Practicality of the variety:The variety is very attractive for growing due to the fruitiness and the size of the fruit.

One of the new varieties, it is characterized by the largest fruits (with a diameter up to 35 mm).

The bushes are rather low (about 150 cm), with solid sprouts. It is abundant, it provides huge, strong and sweet berries. Blueberries are fragile, difficult to transport and are not suitable for long-term storage.

A fruitful variety that provides large, light blue fruits. It gives fruits in August.

The bushes have strong sprouts, grow rapidly (up to a height of 160 cm) and in a short time enter the ripening period. Blueberries are resistant to harsh conditions (it does not break) and can stay on the bushes for a long time without falling.

An Australian variety that needs a lot of the sunlight.

The bushes, that grow rapidly (up to 180 cm), provide delicious, large berries. The first fruits appear in mid-August. Blueberries are strong and durable - it can be transported over long distances and stored for a long time. We recommend commercial cultivation in places with good eccess of the sunlight.

Very large, juicy and sweet fruits, which please us at the end of summer - they ripen at the turn of August and September.

The bushes are lower than other varieties (about 150 cm high) and spreading, but sprouts are solid and strong. This variety is very sensitive to frost. Given the exceptionally tasty and delicious fruits, we recommend growing it in gardens and plots.

This is an extremely abundant variety. It ripens later from all varieties, but thanks to this, in October we can still eat delicious blueberries.

The bushes are high (about 200 cm), in turn, fruits are of medium size with a characteristic sweet-sour taste. We recommend the cultivation of this variety in the warm regions of Poland.